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Monetize your savings with SymCredit

  • You’re in charge! Select loans and build your own portfolio. Loan as little as EUR 50
  • You have full control! You have options to access your money anytime
  • Manage Risk! Our credit assessment team review every application
  • For who we are open? For international investors


We combine best banking practices with direct link between the borrowers and investors to lower costs compared to the traditional banking system. We pass the cost savings on to borrowers in the form of competitive rates, and to investors in the form of solid returns. Our revenue rests on our track record of assessing loans and accurately modeling performance.


Diversification is the optimal way to mitigate risk. This simply means spreading your lending across number of businesses and only providing a small investment to each one.


Through our service we provide flexible, transparent and simple access to alternative sources of financing for creditworthy companies to grow their businesses. As a result SymCredit service helps the entire industry to increase its competitive edge and sustainability.